The Daniels Kid's Story


The real life back story for the TDK book series begins with a six year old who did not see enough characters that looked like him in the books that he was reading. That six year old was my first son, Isaiah who is ten now. At six years old he loved to read and was reading well above his grade level, in large part due to the diligence of his Mom. The lack of diversity in the many books that he had read inspired him to ask me if we could make a book with him and his siblings as the main characters. I thought it was a great idea.


While the idea was great, the kids (TDK) and I had some severe skill and knowledge deficiencies. Firstly none of us were experienced in illustrating a children's book. In High School I was a pretty good artist and the TDK crew were pretty good at drawing as well however none us were good enough to illustrate a book. This idea started over 4 years in May of 2012, over the past 4 years myself and Isaiah have made ourselves into children’s book illustrators as well as authors.  Roman and Indigo have become semi-expert editors and a mini-test group as they read the story regularly over the past 4 years as part of their after school reading. Their feedback helped craft the story more appropriately for children in the 6 - 9 year olds.


The most epic part of this story is the development of the kids (TDK). They are now taking ownership of the TDK book series. The current title “Dolphins Don’t Fit in a Fish Bowl” the illustrations was 85% me and 15% TDK and the authoring was 40% me and 60% TDK. The next book is already in the creation process and the split is getting closer to 65/35 for both aspects. The TDK book series is a revenue stream that they can profit from for years to come. As all three become more skilled illustrators and authors they will be able to turn around books more quickly and be independent of my involvement. This is their introduction to entrepreneurship and running a business as a team.


The TDK brand will also allow them create, produce and distribute as they desire. The brand will provide a frame work for TDK to create other products, unique content and services under their TDK brand. Hopefully, with the success of the first book “Dolphins Don’t Fit in a Fish Bowl” TDK will have a following that they will be able to service with great products, content and services. In return that following will support TDK going forward and be a part of growing the brand. It’s an exciting prospect for these three young entrepreneurs in training.