MEET TDK (The Daniels Kids)

TDK are typical siblings, they similar to most siblings in many ways and at the same time a little different in a few other ways. Isaiah, Roman and Indigo are constantly ending up in funny interactions. Sometimes the interactions are arguments but more often its just hilarious. The cool thing about them is they genuinely like and love each other. I introduce to you TDK:

TDK Member #125 - Isaiah AKA “Ise” AKA “Stats and Facts”

Isaiah thinks of himself as the leader of TDK, he has very dominant and competitive personality. He is also super smart and even through his competitiveness he is really funny. His character is THE typical big brother and his dialogue in this series is hilarious. 


# - 125

Food - Pizza

Sport - Basketball, Football, Lacrosse

Team - Golden State Warriors (NBA), Carolina Panthers (NFL), Ohio State Buckeyes (CFB), Miami Hurricanes (CFB), Alabama Crimson Tide (CFB), North Dakota State Bison (CFB) 

Entertainer -  Jay-Z, Kevin Hart, Vic Mensa

Athlete - Cam Newton, Steph Curry, LeBron James, Damien Lillard, Russell Westbrook, Kawhi “Klaw” Leonard.

TDK Member #2 - Roman AKA "Kid Swag" AKA "Roey" AKA "Petty Wap", AKA "Snuggle Bunny"

Roman is the definition of cool, he's the one that knows the latest dances, ”owns" it and makes it his own. Roman is also the kid who can bring together kids from a wide range of kids. Roman is also the typical younger brother. The comical sibling friction between Roman and both his other two siblings is great entertainment.


#’s - 2

Food - Shrimp 

Sport - Football, Basketball, Baseball

Team - Seattle Seahawks (NFL), Golden State Warriors (NBA), Carolina Panthers (NFL), Florida State Seminoles (CFB)

Entertainer -  Kevin Hart, Jay-Z, Slick Rick, Kanye West, Run DMC, Vic Mensa

Athlete: Steph Curry,  Russell Westbrook, Michael Jordan, Cam Newton

TDK Member #6 - Indigo AKA “Indy", AKA “Forty”, AKA "Peapod", AKA "LadyBug"

Indigo is really sweet however she has powerful voice, presence and confidence. Her expressions and spirit control a room. While being the youngest of the kids she fights hard to carve out her own space, that battle is funny all by itself.


#’s - 6

Food - Chicken 

Sport - Volleyball, Dance

Team - Golden State Warriors (NBA), Florida State Seminoles (CFB), University of Miami Hurricanes (CFB)

Entertainer -  Jay-Z

Athlete - Serena Williams, Maya More, Misty Copeland, LeBron James, Stephen Curry